Exploring the Benefits of AI

July 25, 2023


A few years ago, artificial intelligence was in its developmental stages. Today, it is widely used by various industries and several companies are exploring new ways to utilize its tremendous potential. In this episode of Trends from the Trenches, Stan Gloss speaks with Jarrod Anderson, Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence at ADM, who discusses prioritizing projects, selecting the best team members, and overcoming the biggest challenges that companies encounter in the machine learning sphere. He also shares his thoughts on the future of AI, including its role in sustainability and environmental preservation, as well as its contributions on productivity among workers.

Jarrod Anderson, Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence, ADM
From global supply chains, manufacturing, transportation, and commodity trading to the human microbiome and food ingredients, Jarrod leads a team of brilliant artificial intelligence engineers and data scientists who develop game-changing technology solutions. Jarrod and his team are developing new technologies that will transform our understanding of how people eat, farm, manage their health, work, learn and live over time. From understanding human microbiomes to analyzing ingredients manufacturing to tracking transportation on roads or across oceans, they uncover insights that help their company make more intelligent decisions.

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Stan Gloss


As co-founder and Evangelist of BioTeam, Stan Gloss has been working to tell the stories of the intersection of science, data and technology since 2002. Gloss joined with fellow founding partners Bill Van Etten and Chris Dagdigian to form BioTeam in 2002 following his tenure in business development with AVAKI Corporation, a pioneer in global grid software solutions, and Blackstone Computing, a computing and IT consulting company for scientists, Gloss led the sales initiative that launched the company in the life sciences market. Gloss earned his MS at the University of Buffalo and was a department chairman and faculty member at Quinnipiac University.

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