October 7, 2015

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There are thousands of bioinformatics and genomics resources that are free and publicly accessible. However, trying to find the right resource for your need, and learn how to use the often complex features and functions can be difficult. Come explore ways that you can quickly find and effectively learn how to use resources.

This World Tour of Genomic Resources, presented by Dr. Mary Mangan of OpenHelix, will discuss the number and breadth of publicly available bioscience resources available to researchers. It will include a tour of example resources, organized by categories such as algorithms and analysis tools, expression resources, genome browsers (both eukaryotic and prokaryotic/microbial), literature and text mining resources, and resources focused on nucleotides, proteins, pathways, disease and variation.

The overview of sites will wrap up with an exploration of the OpenHelix collection of training resources. We'll explore the tutorial suites that offer on-demand video tutorials, slides, and exercises. We'll examine the "tips" that provide guidance on new features or smaller tools that help accomplish tasks such as visualizing your own data, creating quality graphics, and more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • about several bioscience resources in various subject categories
  • to find the right resource using the OpenHelix search interface
  • how to quickly learn to use resources through OpenHelix tutorials, site documentation, mailing lists, etc.
  • about additional resources for discovering resources to meet your research needs

The World Tour webinar is for:

  • Biomedical researchers that want to hear about resources that can make their research more efficient and effective
  • Librarians that want to me more informed about genomic resources and their uses to better answer their patrons’ enquiries.
  • Students that are interested in using new tools in bioinformatics
  • Anybody interested in the finding and using these powerful tools

You can download the slides, slide handouts, and exercises at www.openhelix.com/worldtour2.


Mary Mangan, Ph.D., Director, Product & Content Development, OpenHelix


Scott Lathe, General Manager, OpenHelix

Cost: No cost.