May 12, 2008 | From a record-breaking pool of 54 entries, judges chose Best Practices winners in seven categories and honored one Editor’s Choice winner. Winners were announced at a dinner and reception on April 29 at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston. (A full report will appear in the July issue.)

Basic Research, R&D Applied Biosystems; Christian-Albrechts-University — Pipeline for the identification of common susceptibility variants of functional significance for complex disease

Clinical Research Eli Lilly & CompanySAS Drug Development Implementation

Clinical Trials GlaxoSmithKlineClinical trials signal detection

Drug Discovery & Development Genstruct; Sirtris PharmaceuticalsCausal network modeling

IT Informatics AstraZeneca PharmaceuticalsSAFE digital signatures and electronic submission gateway

Knowledge Management AstraZeneca DiscoveryStandardized screening data globally and made available to all sites

Translational and Personalized Medicine Merck & CompanyBreaking down clinical and research silos to enable translational research

Editor’s Choice National Cancer InstituteCancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG)