• Using ML to Diagnose Chronic Kidney Disease in a Bias-Free, Privacy-Protecting, Physician-Friendly Manner

    Bio-IT World | Carenostics is a healthcare AI startup founded with the mission of addressing the underdiagnosis, undertreatment, and health inequities of chronic disease using AI and ML on existing healthcare data.

    Aug 9, 2023
  • Generate Biomedicines’ R&D Data Platform to Support ML-Driven Drug Discovery

    Bio-IT World | “Generate Biomedicines’ goal of leveraging machine-learning powered generative biology to discover and develop new drugs faster and cheaper is supported by an integrated and cohesive R&D data platform… FAIR to its core, this integrated data platform leverages industry best practices and lessons-learned from a talented team of informatics engineers to form the critical foundation of a unique company with equal parts ‘bio’ and ‘tech’.”

    Aug 8, 2023
  • An AI Tool for Lung Cancer Diagnosis in Indian Populations, Settings

    Bio-IT World | The prognosis of lung carcinoma has changed since the discovery of molecular targets and their specific drugs. Somatic EGFR mutations have been reported in lung carcinoma, and these mutant proteins act as substrates for targeted therapies.

    Aug 3, 2023
  • Discovery To Creation: Highlights from the 2023 Single-Cell and AI in Medicine Symposium

    Bio-IT World | The field of drug discovery is shifting its approach from viewing complex biology as something to be overcome using reductionist principles to something to embrace in a more holistic approach to cell biology.

    Aug 2, 2023
  • Platform Reduces Barriers Biologists Face In Accessing Machine Learning

    Bio-IT World | A group of scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and MIT are convinced that automated machine learning (autoML) is going to revolutionize biology by removing many of the technical barriers to using computational models to answer fundamental questions about sequences of nucleic acids, peptides, and glycans.

    Aug 1, 2023
  • Illumina Announces New Genomics Alliance, Software for Analyzing Genomic Data, Understanding Disease Molecules, More

    Bio-IT World | Illumina announces the five founding members of the Alliance of Genomic Discovery and launches the newest version of DRAGEN software, the Allen Institute for Immunology and Eli Lilly team up to better understand disease molecules, and crowd-sourced neuroscience. Plus, product updates, partnerships, and acquisitions from Sinequa, Lifebit, Arrayjet, BioIVT, and more.

    Jul 27, 2023
  • Follow the Money: AI Platform for Acute Immune States, Acquisitions, Expanding Solutions Portfolio

    Bio-IT World | AI platform used for acute immune states, acquisitions, solutions portfolio expansion, and more.

    Jul 26, 2023
  • Jarrod Anderson and the Benefits of AI

    Bio-IT World | As industries further explore AI, an abundance of new projects and ideas surface, and it can be difficult to decide where to focus.

    Jul 25, 2023
  • Trends from the Trenches Part 2: Data Structures, Habits, and Teams

    Bio-IT World | After exploring the infrastructure upheaval of the past year, the annual Trends from the Trenches session at Bio-IT World moved to questions of data and teams.

    Jul 20, 2023
  • Vibrating Capsule Repurposed For Assessment of ‘Visceral Acuity’

    Bio-IT World | Researchers at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (Tulsa, Oklahoma) are repurposing a vibrating capsule that is FDA-cleared for treating chronic constipation to study how people sense the hidden signals originating in their gastrointestinal (GI) system.

    Jul 19, 2023
  • Trends from the Trenches Part 1: Infrastructure Upheaval

    Bio-IT World | After years of threatening to pass the baton, Chris Dagdigian was absent from this year’s Trends from the Trenches session at the 2023 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo.

    Jul 18, 2023
  • Procurement and Technology Onboarding: How Big Pharma Picks New Tools

    Bio-IT World | A panel of pharma representatives talked about their tech acquisition pipelines last month at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. Representatives from Roche, Janssen, and Novartis outlined their strategies for acquiring new technologies and the pitfalls they look for.

    Jul 14, 2023
  • European Commission Levies Record Fines on Illumina, GRAIL Merger

    Bio-IT World | The European Commission announced this morning that it has fined Illumina and GRAIL approximately €432 million and €1,000 respectively—both record fines—for implementing their proposed merger before approval by the Commission, in breach of EU merger control rules.

    Jul 12, 2023
  • Federations and Favor: Hydra Genomics Federation Tests Model

    Bio-IT World | Federated storage systems were a hot topic at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in May. Susmit Shannigrahi, Assistant Professor at Tennessee Tech University, reported on Hydra, a federated model for genomics use cases funded by the National Science Foundation.

    Jul 11, 2023
  • Disc-On-Chip Model Could Be Gamechanger For Low Back Pain Studies

    Bio-IT World | Biomedical engineers at the University of Technology Sydney have collaborated with clinicians and cell specialists to develop the world’s first physiologically and clinically relevant disc-on-a-chip organ model that represents—they say—a breakthrough in low back pain studies.

    Jul 6, 2023
  • AI Predicts Diseases, Advancing Toward HIV Cure, Acquisitions, New Partnerships

    Bio-IT World | Illumina announces an AI algorithm that predicts disease-causing genetic mutations; American Gene Technologies’ new company will focus solely on advancing an HIV cure; Datacubed looks for genomic foundation for PTSD; and new partnerships for NTT Research, the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Seqera Labs, Genomics England, Complete Genomics. Plus, product updates from 10x Genomics, Thermo Fisher, Benchling, Saama Revvity, and more.

    Jun 29, 2023
  • Using An AI/ML Based Digital Platform To Build A More Robust And Capable Process

    Bio-IT World | Legacy methods for developing a robust process and understanding process capability are limiting. Leveraging modern AI-based digital solutions throughout the product lifecycle provides expansive capability for creating more robust and capable processes.

    Jun 28, 2023
  • Follow the Money: AI Drug Treatments, Stocks, Quantum Metabolic Polarizers, More

    Bio-IT World | Leveraging AI for drug treatments, stock investments, revolutionizing metabolic MRIs with polarizers, and more.

    Jun 27, 2023
  • Search Is On For Brain Markers Of Suicide Risk

    Bio-IT World | Scientists and clinicians have been looking for behavioral predictors of suicide for decades now, and yet the most reliable detection method remains self-disclosure by individuals who feel life is not worth living. The work of trying to understand the brain mechanisms behind suicide is a newer, “burgeoning bubble” of research to better foresee who is in peril of taking their own life.

    Jun 15, 2023
  • Molecule Takes On Deadly Cancer By Inhibiting ‘Unfolded Protein Response’

    Bio-IT World | Researchers in a joint European network report on a specially developed molecule known as Z4P that could deliver fresh hope to patients with glioblastoma, the most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor with a less than 7% survival rate five years post-diagnosis. As an adjunct to gold-standard chemotherapy, Z4P effectively inhibits the stress management pathway of cancer cells so they self-destruct.

    Jun 22, 2023