• Follow the Money: Generative AI, bioMérieux Expands Oxford Nanopore Investment, Radiopharmaceuticals Development, More

    Bio-IT World | bioMérieux further invests in Oxford Nanopore’s in vitro diagnostics; Automata Technologies raises funds for lab automation; NVIDIA and others invest in Iambic Therapeutics (formerly Entos) for generative AI; and more.

    Oct 25, 2023
  • A Shift Toward Multiomics: How Genome Sequencing is Improving Human Health

    Bio-IT World| There has perhaps never been a more exciting time to work in genetics. Thanks to technological advances and information sharing through various industry and academic collaborations, we know more today about the human genome and how it influences human health than could have ever been previously imagined.

    Oct 20, 2023
  • Multi-Lab Preclinical Model Aims To Solve The Reproducibility Crisis

    Bio-IT World| A new preclinical system put to the test by a network of labs to adaptively study a handful of stroke treatments has succeeded in demonstrating that high-quality science is “feasible, practical, and less expensive than doing things the wrong way.”

    Oct 18, 2023
  • Illumina Ordered To Unwind Acquisition Of GRAIL

    Bio-IT World| The European Commission (EC), under the EU Merger Regulation (EUMR), released a statement last week announcing it has taken restorative measures that require Illumina to unwind its acquisition of GRAIL. The acquisition was completed before the EC provided approval, breaching EU merger control rules.

    Oct 16, 2023
  • Navigating the Data-Rich Landscape of Healthcare: The Utility of Data Exploration and Visualization

    Bio-IT World| In the ever-expanding universe of real world data, exploration and visualization strategies have become indispensable. This article presents 5 takeaways relevant to these strategies.

    Oct 13, 2023
  • Low-Bass Music Controls Insulin Release From Designer Cells

    Bio-IT World| Scientists in Switzerland have figured out how to remotely control genes in a way that could one day enable diabetics to produce and administer insulin directly in their body rather than relying on injections, inhalers, and pumps. Low-bass heavy popular music and movie soundtracks are being used to trigger insulin release from designer cells in implantable capsules when intentionally directed at the implant site.

    Oct 11, 2023
  • Proteomics Enables Vastly Improved Cardiovascular Disease Prediction

    Bio-IT World| The rise and fall of blood protein levels over time is an astonishingly good way to assess the risk of major atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) events such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), as well as an ideal biomarker of the progression of disease and its regression in response to treatment.

    Oct 10, 2023
  • Children’s Mercy Brings Long Read Sequencing to Clinical Care

    Bio-IT World Beginning today, the research team at Children’s Mercy Kansas City is bringing long read sequencing to clinical care, following three years of research and testing of PacBio HiFi sequencing. The transition is expected to speed the diagnostics odyssey for critically ill patients and their families.

    Oct 6, 2023
  • Synthace’s ‘Design of Experiments’ Approach Enables Multi-Factorial Wet Lab Experiments

    Bio-IT World| INNOVATIVE PRACTICES AWARDS—Cultured meat may not be the standard use case for a Bio-IT World Innovative Practices Award, but the entry from Higher Steaks and Synthace caught the judges’ attention less for its application as for the innovation in experimental design.

    Oct 4, 2023
  • Bio-IT World Issues 2024 Innovative Practices Awards Call for Entries

    Bio-IT World| Bio-IT World is accepting entries for the 2024 Innovative Practices Awards, a competition designed to recognize the most exciting partnerships and projects pushing the life sciences industry forward.

    Oct 3, 2023
  • Chan Zuckerberg Life Sciences Computing System, Microsoft and Paige AI Partnership, Rehm Takes Chair of GA4GH

    Bio-IT World| Paige and Microsoft aim to build the world’s largest image-based AI models for digital pathology and oncology; Flatiron Health and FDA partner; HHS extends partnership with Regeneron; the GA4GH Board of Directors has elected Heidi Rehm to succeed Ewan Birney; and more.

    Sep 28, 2023
  • Follow the Money: NIH Establishes “Multi-Omics” Data Research Center, Huge Funding for Advancing AI Platform

    Bio-IT World| Moderna and Immatics launch a strategic research and development collaboration to pioneer novel and transformative therapies for cancer patients with high unmet medical need; The National Institutes of Health is establishing the Multi-Omics for Health and Disease Consortium to advance the generation and analysis of “multi-omic” data for human health research; Generate:Biomedicines has secured huge funding to advance its AI platform used to increase precision, speed, and probability of success of novel therapeutics; more.

    Sep 27, 2023
  • The Why, How, and Hope of Generative AI and Data Technology With Bryn Roberts

    Bio-IT World| As artificial intelligence continues to rapidly develop, it is tempting for organizations to rush into using AI—or at least an AI buzzword. In the latest episode of the Trends from the Trenches podcast, host Stan Gloss channels Simon Sinek and challenges Bryn Roberts to start with why.

    Sep 26, 2023
  • Proteomics-Based Assays To Enable Precision Medicine For Ovarian Cancer

    Bio-IT World | Over 900 genes have been implicated in the resistance of tumors to platinum-based chemotherapy that map to many different cellular pathways, thwarting efforts to identify a biomarker to predict refractoriness.

    Sep 21, 2023
  • Study Ties Body Mass Index To Size Of The Hypothalamus

    Bio-IT World | The brain structure of people with higher body mass index (BMI) looks quite different than individuals of a healthy weight, based on MRI scans of their hypothalamus analyzed with a recently developed machine learning algorithm.

    Sep 20, 2023
  • City of Hope’s Harmonized, Findable, Accessible Precision Medicine Data Platform

    Bio-IT World | INNOVATIVE PRACTICES AWARDS—When City of Hope wanted to better use its primary and secondary clinical research data and harmonize files on more than 700,000 patients so they were findable and accessible, the hospital built a highly scalable, compliant cloud-based platform.

    Sep 19, 2023
  • Cross-Department Collaboration Reveals Business Intelligence Already On Hand

    Bio-IT World | INNOVATIVE PRACTICES AWARDS—There are questions every research group could ask. At Regeneron’s Research and Preclinical department, tackling these questions meant accounting for more than 2,000 expensive and space-constrained instruments and seeking insight into how they are used.

    Sep 14, 2023
  • COVID Vaccine Developers May Want To Pivot To Symptom Prevention

    Bio-IT World | Vaccine developers may want to consider designing formulations intended to prevent symptoms rather than infection, which the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated can be hard to do with any long-lasting effect.

    Sep 13, 2023
  • Study Finds Breast Cancer Spreads During Sleep, Highlights Role Of Hormones

    Bio-IT World | The recent discovery that the metastatic spread of breast cancer accelerates during sleep sparked a lively conversation at last month’s Next Generation Dx Summit about new paths of exploration for thwarting a deadly pan-cancer process claiming 12 lives worldwide every minute.

    Sep 12, 2023
  • Scaling R&D Drug Discovery: The Future Of Lab Automation

    Bio-IT World | In the coming decades, many of the grand challenges that society faces, from global food shortages to disease control and climate change, has the opportunity to be solved by biology. To achieve this, we must enable researchers within the biotech and healthcare ecosystems to be more productive than ever by improving scale, reproducibility, and accessibility.

    Sep 8, 2023